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Here's some good old posting for you to cram down your pie holes. [Mar. 12th, 2004|08:41 pm]
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So Im off workmans comp, and back at work, but technically, I was never on workmans comp. Apparently, no one bothered to file any paperwork for it, so no claim. But the good news is, they decided to pay me for my time away from work, so everybodys happy! By the way, thanks Janel for your detective work. So I'm back at work, chillin at home, the usual. Oh yeah, I've set a date to return to Arizona, that date being the 20th of April (hehehe). It should take me about three days to get back, and I may have to drive by meself (again). Im excited, and happy to be back in a more temperate climate, as opposed to this shitty new england weather. Stupid negative 50 degrees. If all goes well, I'll find a job and make with the money, saving up for a house. Plus, I'll be a hell of alot closer to the majority of my family and old skool friends out in Los Angeles, so I can go for the weekend and chill like Cruella DeVille. Yay chilling. Well, my delivery man is here, so away I go to roast a few and go to bed. Peace out my shizzle nizzle wizzle pizzle. Dizzle.

[User Picture]From: jaydawgindahous
2004-03-13 07:34 am (UTC)



Maybe we'll come see you tonight?? I'll call you.

we miss you.

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