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The bitter taste of aftershave and m&m's [Feb. 13th, 2004|11:00 pm]
[How do I feel?___ |blankblank]
[Tunage___ |stargate sg1 theme song]

It be friday. Only one more day at work, then I get a day off! Work is rockin, can't complain. Jay is still housesitting, and the kitty kitty is now following me around everywhere. I want to travel to distant planets, and explore them. But alas, intergalactic space travel is nothing more than science fiction at this point. We'll probably get it right when Im like 95, and can in no way go to other worlds. Damn. Then again, I still have much of this little blue planet to explore, so one at a time, eh? Enough space talk, I'm off to the starship bedtime, have to get up at ze buttcrack of dawn. But I only have to work until two. Fare thee well.