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Gonads and Strife for the little man in my ear [Feb. 11th, 2004|12:02 am]
[How do I feel?___ |numbnumb]
[Tunage___ |The lollipop guild fight song]

Second day og work, and I hurt. Not all over kind of hurt, just my wonderful left knee. It feels like its going to collapse ay time now, and quite frankly I am not surprised. Work is good, they gave me the keys to the kingdom today, so now I dont have to track down the sales manager everytime I want to move a car off the lot to the shop. Having responsibility is good and funtastic. Im all doped up on the ibuprofen (hooray stomach bleeding), so I shall be off to the bed of enchantment. Work again tomorrow, then sleep. Jay is addicted to Mortal Kombat on the PS2. The siamese cat is meowing violently, maybe he has gas. Bon voyage.